Saturday, October 31, 2009

Well, Well, Well

So it's almost been a year now and I'm finally back. I'm not quite sure what made me forget about this blog, but I'm not going to lie... I miss it.

Thing's are quite different these days.. An undergrad and masters degree later, I'm back in West Hartford working 50-60 hours a week while trying to study for my CPA exam. You know how everyone always says "Life after college just flies by". I never wanted to believe such non-sense when I'd hear that from my friends when they'd come back to visit Babson, but I can definitely see where they are coming from. I feel like I started work a few days ago... Monday will be my 11th week of work. Where did these 10 weeks go already? The first 5 were a blur to me.
We started with a week of training in Boston -- which was a ton of fun. There's nothing like staying in a hotel and getting free food all week while being able to see friends you haven't seen in almost a year, right? Of course what I soon found out is that I would spend the first 4 out of 5 weeks out of my suitcase. I was pumped. One week in North Carolina, a few days in Indiana and a week and half in Illinois. After our week of training in Boston we came back to Hartford for a week of "Boot Camp". It was a bit boring, but it was nice to be able to spend another week with our starting class, especially since I haven't seen a lot of those people since that week! Anyways -- after our little week of boot camp, my road trip started. 3 straight weeks in a hotel except for a brief 36 stint back home. What an experience. After the first few days, I thought to myself.. "Wow, I wish I could always be traveling". I mean think about it... everything is paid for. Meals, transportation, lodging, you name it. Oh and did I forget to mention you're getting paid for this? Sure the hours weren't the greatest, but I was able to see cities I'd never seen before.
As I write this blog, I'm still pondering to myself... Did I love the 3 weeks traveling or did I hate it? I think it was a little bit of both at times. You're not traveling with family or a significant other, you're traveling with a co-worker or sometimes even alone. You have to wake up early everyday and you can't even see the sunshine wherever you are because you're most likely working in a room without a window, and by the time you get out, its dark out. Okay that sounds a bit cynical, but I guess I just got a bit tired of 3 straight weeks of travel. I guess if I had the choice, I'd choose to travel about 1-2 weeks every couple of months. They always say do everything in moderation, so that being said, you actually think you have a choice in when you can travel? Of course not. Either way, I just figured I'd voice my opinion on this since business travel is such a large part of our worldwide economy these days. I really don't understand how some people travel as much as they do. I can understand someone my age with no attachments in life being able to travel all the time, but most of your business travelers are 30+ and have a family. I'm really curious to see how they balance the whole business/travel/family thing.

Anyways, I'm a bit scattered in my thoughts here. As you can tell, work is where my mind is. You can't help it when you spend over 70% of your time awake during the week being occupied by the career of an auditor. The past 5 weeks of work have been a bit scattered, just like my thoughts. My only travel was to Kentucky (pretty normal place actually) and my other time has been pretty scattered around the lovely state of CT.

I'd like to keep writing, especially about non-work related things, but Peter Olinto and Tim Gearty are calling my name; the best CPA review lecturer's to ever live. I'm going to try and stay updated with this blog, mainly just if anyone wants to stay updated with my life, and a lot for my own memory. I'm going to a wolf pack game tonight with my aunt and cousin. They have skybox seats with a bunch of pre-ordered food. It should be a good time.

I'll try and occasionally post some sports picks. I had a ton of fun doing that last season and I'm upset with myself for not keeping updated with it. If you actually read this whole thing, you're either really bored or a really good friend. Ha.

Till next time, ahor signing off.

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