Saturday, November 21, 2009

i knew this post was coming...

i dont care if you've been gambling every day of your life. there is NO such thing as a lock.

yet you still tell yourself there is. when push comes to shove and you see that big game that you're feeling reallllll good about. you want it. you want to go big. what typically happens? YOU LOSE.

im coming up with a rating system. 1 to 10 on how strong you feel about a pick. a 10 is your lock. i bet if you did a study, your 5-7's would be your biggest winners cause you feel good about them, but you dont consider it a lock. i think sometype of bias comes in when you talk about a lock.

ok im done venting. i need to study for REG.

and hey, AICPA. you're a bunch of pricks. GIVE ME MY SCORE!!!

Friday, November 20, 2009

I really like the Isles tonight...

Isles play Minnesota in Minn. tonight.

Minn is hurt bad. Isles are on a roll. Okposo is back home. Biron is getting frustrated not being able to get as many wins as rollie and lets be real. this isles team IS for REAL.

+120. Take it. Hard. Large units.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

posting from workkkkkk.... ISLES

hey everyone. noticed i have a couple more ppl reading my blog now which is cool. if you're actually reading this that might mean you think i'm somewhat entertaining. wow.

alright so. as you all may or may not know, the New York Islanders are my sports team. Everyone has their favorite team for each sport, but in our heart of hearts all of us have that one team that we root for a little harder than any other team..

the islanders are mine. if you're friends with me, you've seen me a little depressed with my isles the past couple of years as they been dust collectors at the bottom of the eastern conference. during may of this year though things changed. the islanders won the NHL draft lottery or what many of the big NHL fans called "the Tavares sweepstakes". John Tavares, an 18-year hockey phenom. You're probably thinking... HA hockey phenom... thats Sid the Kid, Ovech and Malkin. Who's John Tavares? Well well well. He leads all rookies in the NHL with 10 goal and 19 points in 21 games. Ovechkin had 15 goals and 21 points through his first 21 games in the NHL and Crosby had 10 goals and 25 points. OK so they got off to a LITTLE better start. Both of these players finished with over 100 points in their first season. Not bad for a couple of rookies. If Tavares keeps his pace up, he'll finish the season with about 35 goals and 70 points. Not bad for an 18 year old on team that finished dead last in the NHL last year.

Oh and did I forget to mention the breadth of youngsters that back Tavares up at forward? Kyle Okposo, Josh Bailey, Frans Neilsen and Matt Moulson. These kids have been playing unreal.

I really like this team this year. If we can see KO and Josh finding the back of the net like Matt Mouls has, we're going to be playoff CONTENDERS. I'm not talking about just being in the playoffs, this team will have a shot.

OK yeah I'm all hyped up on the Isles right now, but do you blame me? This team has 23 points through 21 games this year. Last year they had 25 points through 45 games. No, that was not a typo. If the Islanders win their next game, it will have take them HALF the amount of games to get them to where they were last season. How about that stat!?!??!

Unreal. I'll leave on that. Should probably do some work.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

picks and the good life.

so today i got out of work at 5pm.. i actually felt guilty leaving.. thats when you know work fucking sucks haha anyways that was officially the earliest i've been out of work. wow. never thought i'd be jealous of an 8 to 5.

back to the good stuff. lots of action on your normal wednesday night hockey night. isles are playing down okposo and weight. eek

NHL Picks
Islanders @Capitals Caps -200. I know its tough going against your own team. When they've won 1 game on the road the whole year and are down 2 of their top 3 players, its tough not to go against them. I know Ovech is out tonight, but that won't matter. Anyways, hopefully I'm wrong.
Ducks @ Devils. I like the ducks +110 tonight. quack, quack, quack.
Kings @ Canes Over 5.5 Struggling team at home puts up a good fight and loses.

NBA Picks
Hornets @Suns -6.5 Suns at home against a mediocre hornets team. Give up the points. It worked last night for the mavs as I thought.
I'd make some more picks, but the Lakers aren't playing tonight.. that made no sense.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

the road to the cpa....

the infamous cpa exam... the 4 part exam from hell...

since i'm completely hating studying and putting countless hours to studying for this thing, i'd like to completely bash the exam and say how stupid it is... but in reality - it's actually pretty genius. this 4 part exam has been around for like 50 years.. and not much has changed.. how many professions can you say that for? JD, MD? thats all i can think of. good class to be in if you ask me. anyways - bear with me as i justify to myself all of this freaking time i'm putting into studying. oh and if i'm not studying im either working or feeling guilty that i'm not studying (right now).

anyways, now that i've vented and got that off my chest, i feel a little better. time to make some picks for tonight. its a bit past 7 already, so lets see whats on tap for the later games.

All but one of the NHL games are in progress - the one at 10pm (Sharks v. Predators) I rather not pick, mainly cause the Sharks are -260 and I don't feel like playing with such a big spread.

NBA Picks

Mavs -6.5 - I like the Mavs at home tonight... They should suprise and runaway in this homestate matchup.

Thats all for tonight.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

A year later... Back to Picks

Finally. Lets try and keep this a more regular thing now...

I'm going to do a few CFB picks every sat, but not too many. I'll mainly stick to hockey & nba. Perhaps some nfl too.

Either way...

CFB Picks
Mizzouz - 14
Iowa State +7.5

NHL Picks
Lines are TBD. I'll post later.

Big Breeders Cup race today
Zenyatta? Nahhhh who goes with the fav.
1. Summer Bird
2. Einstein
3. RIP Van Winkle

I'm boxing this trifecta. and I'll do a box exacta with 1 & 2.

I'll be CPA studying all day - but I'll update the lines later.

I'll also post NBA picks & lines too.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Another Week flying by.

another week flies by in the audit life of alan... i've been procrastinating all week about studying.. i suck. monday night i got home late for a reason i can't even remember... last night i watched a movie w/ dan and catherine (taking of pelham 123), which wasn't bad btw. oh and i also bought a tv last night! Sony KDL-52XBR9
Such a sweet TV. little did i know after i paid for that and the sony home theater that it would be on backorder till effing 12/10!

How bull is that? i was so mad.

Anyways. I should be studying right now.. but I'm not going to study if I'm getting out of work past 7. I mean its almost pointless by the time you get home and eat dinner. You can't just go right to the books.. your mind can't handle it.

In any event. The exam is 26 days away whether I like it or not. FML. I have 7 lectures to do and I'm barely through 1. Although it is the longest one.

Anyways. I just can't wait to get these exams out of the way and have no guilt when I'm home. It'll feel so good.