Tuesday, November 10, 2009

the road to the cpa....

the infamous cpa exam... the 4 part exam from hell...

since i'm completely hating studying and putting countless hours to studying for this thing, i'd like to completely bash the exam and say how stupid it is... but in reality - it's actually pretty genius. this 4 part exam has been around for like 50 years.. and not much has changed.. how many professions can you say that for? JD, MD? thats all i can think of. good class to be in if you ask me. anyways - bear with me as i justify to myself all of this freaking time i'm putting into studying. oh and if i'm not studying im either working or feeling guilty that i'm not studying (right now).

anyways, now that i've vented and got that off my chest, i feel a little better. time to make some picks for tonight. its a bit past 7 already, so lets see whats on tap for the later games.

All but one of the NHL games are in progress - the one at 10pm (Sharks v. Predators) I rather not pick, mainly cause the Sharks are -260 and I don't feel like playing with such a big spread.

NBA Picks

Mavs -6.5 - I like the Mavs at home tonight... They should suprise and runaway in this homestate matchup.

Thats all for tonight.

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