Saturday, November 21, 2009

i knew this post was coming...

i dont care if you've been gambling every day of your life. there is NO such thing as a lock.

yet you still tell yourself there is. when push comes to shove and you see that big game that you're feeling reallllll good about. you want it. you want to go big. what typically happens? YOU LOSE.

im coming up with a rating system. 1 to 10 on how strong you feel about a pick. a 10 is your lock. i bet if you did a study, your 5-7's would be your biggest winners cause you feel good about them, but you dont consider it a lock. i think sometype of bias comes in when you talk about a lock.

ok im done venting. i need to study for REG.

and hey, AICPA. you're a bunch of pricks. GIVE ME MY SCORE!!!

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