Sunday, October 21, 2012

NFL Week 7 - 2012

Bills -4 (PotW)
Cards +7
Browns +1
Texans -6.5
Packers -4.5
Cowgirls -2.5
Skins +6.5 (no hard feelings)
Pats -10.5
Raiders -6
Bengals -1

Countdown to college basketball season... few more weeks!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

NCAA Tourney Round 2 - Day 1 - Picks!

First time I'm posting re: college basketball, all year. I miss the old days when I could post everyday on these games. Anyway -- here are my picks. Hoping for some more madness today.

I am leaning in one direction on 6 of the 8 games today. The other two, I will not be putting action on. Here are my picks, listed by confidence level (top ones being my most confident).

Gonzaga +7.5 -- They beat West Virginia by 25 and are HOT.

Louisville -1.5 -- Ride Pitino. They won the Big East Championship and might be able to pull off what UConn did last year.

K State +4.5 today... @ 12:15, against Cuse. I actually have K State outright in most brackets. They are a 8 seed and cuse is a 1 seed -- the line is low because Cuse' best player in ineligible for the tourney.

Iowa State +11.5 -- This team is too good to lose by double digits... even against Tucky.

Marquette -5.5 -- Big East is hot.

Wisconsin +1 -- Badgers are underrated, and Vandy is overrated.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Week 4 Picks

OK. I won't miss another week. Or at least I'll do my best.

Pick of the week

Atlanta -4.5 over Seattle - You have to like the Falcons here over Seattle by less than a touchdown. They're coming off a tough loss against the Bucs in the final minutes of the game. The Seahawks are riding a high and are going to have a rude wake up call when Matt Ryan and the rest of Arthur Blanks' crew comes running into Seattle.

SC Picks of the Week
Washington -2 @ St Louis
Saints -7 @ Jacksonville
49ers +9 vs. Eagles
Giants -1 @ Arizona
Indy +10.5 @ TB
Dolphins +7 @ SD
Ravens -4 vs. NYJ

Picks of the Week
Minnesota -2 @ KC
Panthers +7 @ Chicago
Texans -4 vs. Pittsburgh
Raiders +5 vs. Pats
Bills -3 @ Cincy
Lions +1 @ Dallas

Week 2 Record... Surprisingly I was able to get over .500 for the week with the help of my regular pick pool after struggling with my more confident picks. I'll take it.
Pick of the Week - 0-1
SC Picks - 2-3
Picks - 6-3-1
Overall - 8-7-1

Thursday, September 15, 2011

NFL Picks - Week 2 - 2011

It's about time I start writing again..
Without delving too much into the detail of why I've had 2 posts in the past 2 years (we'll go into that in a later post), I'm going to try and make picks against-the-spread every week this year and track my record against all these other 'Professionals' who charge hundreds of dollars a week. Let's see how we do... (please ignore the fact that I completely missed Week 1).

How it's going to work: I'm going to make a pick for every game, every week (from here on out). I'll then put my pick into three categories, the titles of which should make them self-explanatory.
1) Pick of the Week
2) Semi-Confident Picks of the Week (SC Picks)
3) I had to pick someone Picks of the Week (Picks)
Note: My picks will be based off of Bodog at whatever point in the week I make the picks (shown by the date of my post, obviously). I'll also include some commentary for my pick of the week and sporatically for my semi-confident picks.

That being said, here are my Week 2 picks;

Pick of the Week
Washington -4 vs. Arizona

Grossman vs. Kolb -- the matchup of two quarterbacks who are starting to get passed around the NFL like Grandma's Fruitcake. I think they both remind me of younger Kerry Collins'... I will however say that I think the Skins are a little underrated going into this game... They hadn't beaten the Giants in 5 years and they are at Home, again. Granted the Giants were beat up, I would take that beat-up Giants team over the Cards, any day. That being said, they Skins were able to capitalize on the Giants miscues and I highly doubt that a below average Cards team will come into DC against a confident Skins team and be able to win. I'm predicting a 27-13 win by the Skins.

Semi-Confident Picks

Kansas City +8 @ Detroit - Detroit and 8 point favorite? Is this a mistake?
Baltimore -6 @ Tennessee - Titans suck
Pittsburgh -14.5 vs. Seattle - I'd say Seattle sucks, which they do... but add Pitt being nasty (and at home) - they should win by 20. Biggest NFL line I've seen in a while, but it's justified.
Tampa Bay +3 @ Minnesota - Minnesota struggles ATS as a favorite. Plus the Bucs are underrated.
Indianpolis +3 vs. Cleveland - Again, seems like a mistake, right? The Colts as underdogs at Home, against the Browns. Seems odd. I'm not jumping on the bandwagon and I'm going with the historical #'s here.


Carolina +10 vs. Green Bay
Dallas -3 @ San Francisco
Miami +3 vs. Houston
New England -7 vs. San Diego
Cincinnati +3.5 @ Denver
NY Jets -9 vs. Jacksonville
Buffalo -3.5 @ Oakland
Atlanta +3 vs. Philadelphia
NY Giants -4.5 @ St. Louis
Chicago +7 @ New Orleans

So happy football season is back.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

lets be more hypocritical about small biz, washington

The government pushes all this talk about how the sign of the true economic recovery will be the recovery of the small biz. How is the small biz supposed to compete with the mid-size and larger companies when its practically impossible to get any type of small business loan??These small companies got had to take massive write offs from other small companies that either went bankrupt during the past 2-3 years or just completely dissolved.Let's not even address the fact that todays business world is essentially structured for the small business to fail with the amount of M&A and economies of scale that occur in the overall market with mid-size to larger sized business.If the government wants to see a recovery of the small business and they have the leverage of already 'bailing-out' a series of banks, how come they cant create regulation to push for loans for small businesses. I'm sick and tired of hearing about how there is too much risk around a loan to a small business. Thank you captain obvious -- I think its natural to have more risk around a business that has less cash flow and a small revenue stream with less clients... That's why they are a small business!! There needs be some more intelligent finance folks behind the credit process of assessing a loan application at these banks (big banks). Many will argue the root issue here is the poor performance of the smaller banks -- especially as they acted as the creditors for many of these small businesses. We need to not keep this going in circles. The government (state and federal) need to act fast. If they claim no method of forcing more granular analysis of loan applications, then start giving tax breaks for amount of small loans given out or something. No more excuses. I'm sick of reading articles about how bad the small banks and small businesses are doing while we just sit here and say how they are the heart of our economy and we watch them slowly deteriorate.The only positive thing about this slight economic recovery on an overall basis is the more prevalent return of angel investors for the small start ups. Even then, the exisiting small businesses aren't going to get the time of day when they need a loan for some normal operating expenses they can expect to pay back in one year... Banks would have never thought twice prior to 2007 about giving out these loans.Let's wake up people. Small businesses are the heart and soul of the american economy and american dream.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Where have the past 4 months gone?

This whole work thing reallly cramps my style. I can't believe I haven't made a post since Jan. It's been one year since I graduated and I still haven't unpacked everything from babo... that takes skill.
Ah.. so. finally a summer without worries about internships, classes or exams (hopefully) or any more bullshit...
I'm ready for the best summer of my life. Are you?

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Isles win.

What a freaking win. Isles take down the Sabres in an 8 round shootout. WhAT A WIN!!!!!!!!!! DiPi!!!!!!!!