Thursday, September 15, 2011

NFL Picks - Week 2 - 2011

It's about time I start writing again..
Without delving too much into the detail of why I've had 2 posts in the past 2 years (we'll go into that in a later post), I'm going to try and make picks against-the-spread every week this year and track my record against all these other 'Professionals' who charge hundreds of dollars a week. Let's see how we do... (please ignore the fact that I completely missed Week 1).

How it's going to work: I'm going to make a pick for every game, every week (from here on out). I'll then put my pick into three categories, the titles of which should make them self-explanatory.
1) Pick of the Week
2) Semi-Confident Picks of the Week (SC Picks)
3) I had to pick someone Picks of the Week (Picks)
Note: My picks will be based off of Bodog at whatever point in the week I make the picks (shown by the date of my post, obviously). I'll also include some commentary for my pick of the week and sporatically for my semi-confident picks.

That being said, here are my Week 2 picks;

Pick of the Week
Washington -4 vs. Arizona

Grossman vs. Kolb -- the matchup of two quarterbacks who are starting to get passed around the NFL like Grandma's Fruitcake. I think they both remind me of younger Kerry Collins'... I will however say that I think the Skins are a little underrated going into this game... They hadn't beaten the Giants in 5 years and they are at Home, again. Granted the Giants were beat up, I would take that beat-up Giants team over the Cards, any day. That being said, they Skins were able to capitalize on the Giants miscues and I highly doubt that a below average Cards team will come into DC against a confident Skins team and be able to win. I'm predicting a 27-13 win by the Skins.

Semi-Confident Picks

Kansas City +8 @ Detroit - Detroit and 8 point favorite? Is this a mistake?
Baltimore -6 @ Tennessee - Titans suck
Pittsburgh -14.5 vs. Seattle - I'd say Seattle sucks, which they do... but add Pitt being nasty (and at home) - they should win by 20. Biggest NFL line I've seen in a while, but it's justified.
Tampa Bay +3 @ Minnesota - Minnesota struggles ATS as a favorite. Plus the Bucs are underrated.
Indianpolis +3 vs. Cleveland - Again, seems like a mistake, right? The Colts as underdogs at Home, against the Browns. Seems odd. I'm not jumping on the bandwagon and I'm going with the historical #'s here.


Carolina +10 vs. Green Bay
Dallas -3 @ San Francisco
Miami +3 vs. Houston
New England -7 vs. San Diego
Cincinnati +3.5 @ Denver
NY Jets -9 vs. Jacksonville
Buffalo -3.5 @ Oakland
Atlanta +3 vs. Philadelphia
NY Giants -4.5 @ St. Louis
Chicago +7 @ New Orleans

So happy football season is back.

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