Saturday, March 17, 2012

NCAA Tourney Round 2 - Day 1 - Picks!

First time I'm posting re: college basketball, all year. I miss the old days when I could post everyday on these games. Anyway -- here are my picks. Hoping for some more madness today.

I am leaning in one direction on 6 of the 8 games today. The other two, I will not be putting action on. Here are my picks, listed by confidence level (top ones being my most confident).

Gonzaga +7.5 -- They beat West Virginia by 25 and are HOT.

Louisville -1.5 -- Ride Pitino. They won the Big East Championship and might be able to pull off what UConn did last year.

K State +4.5 today... @ 12:15, against Cuse. I actually have K State outright in most brackets. They are a 8 seed and cuse is a 1 seed -- the line is low because Cuse' best player in ineligible for the tourney.

Iowa State +11.5 -- This team is too good to lose by double digits... even against Tucky.

Marquette -5.5 -- Big East is hot.

Wisconsin +1 -- Badgers are underrated, and Vandy is overrated.

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