Wednesday, November 11, 2009

picks and the good life.

so today i got out of work at 5pm.. i actually felt guilty leaving.. thats when you know work fucking sucks haha anyways that was officially the earliest i've been out of work. wow. never thought i'd be jealous of an 8 to 5.

back to the good stuff. lots of action on your normal wednesday night hockey night. isles are playing down okposo and weight. eek

NHL Picks
Islanders @Capitals Caps -200. I know its tough going against your own team. When they've won 1 game on the road the whole year and are down 2 of their top 3 players, its tough not to go against them. I know Ovech is out tonight, but that won't matter. Anyways, hopefully I'm wrong.
Ducks @ Devils. I like the ducks +110 tonight. quack, quack, quack.
Kings @ Canes Over 5.5 Struggling team at home puts up a good fight and loses.

NBA Picks
Hornets @Suns -6.5 Suns at home against a mediocre hornets team. Give up the points. It worked last night for the mavs as I thought.
I'd make some more picks, but the Lakers aren't playing tonight.. that made no sense.

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