Friday, November 7, 2008

Art of Sports Handicapping

A lot of people claim they know a lot shit about sports betting. I'm not going to go out there and claim I'm one of them at all. I do have a little more experience than most though, and if I've learned anything, it's that nothing - NOTHING is ever a lock. I laughed the other day when I saw this guy who calls himself 'el presidente' tried to make picks. He's got a blog barstoolsports and he put up about 4-5 picks within a 2 day span. He called his picks 'Mortal Locks'. It was hilarious... Not only did he go like 0 for 5... He wasn't even fucking close haha. I think he missed covering a football game by like 45 points... Yeah that takes some skill, no lie. Anyways I wanted to get my frustration out there about that. It was just so blatant that the guy doesn't have much experience with handicapping, mortal locks? come on buddy. This isn't Early Edition. After that preface, I'd like to start making posts of my picks whenever I am feeling strong about a game. I'm not sure if I'll post everyday, but whenever I'm liking a team. Majority of my picks will come from NHL, NBA and NCAA Basketball as I feel like NCAA is my stronger suit with the less parody in college basketball making it harder to come back in games. Here are my picks for tonight...

Hornets -8 Look for the Hornets to take over against a struggling Jason Richardson and the Bobcats as they visit their former City. Armstrong knows Okafor well, so he should be able to limit his effectiveness.
Hawks -3 Joe Johnson and Josh Smith are for real. The Hawks took care of one of the best teams the other night in the Hornets. Although this will be a tough game for Horford, I think he'll be up for the challenge and Hawks will take down the Raptors.
Sabres -270 I can't help but take the Sabres here. Thrashers have won 2 in a row, getting a lucky win last night against the Isles. Ryan Miller has been stellar and shouldn't let up more than 2 goals in this matchup.
Habs / Blue Jacks OVER 5.5 Carey Price allowed 4 goals to the Isles the other night and whoever the Blue Jackets start will allow atleast 3 goals. Look for the over here.
Senators / Canes Under 6 Hopefully Alex Auld gets the nod tonight, Cam Ward has been great in net for the Canes. Neither goalie should allow more than 2 to 3 goals. Total should be under 6.


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