Saturday, November 15, 2008

First Saturday of College Basketball Season... Picks

Hornets +2 Alston is out and Rockets are still trying to get over drama of that little fight. Meanwhile CP3 didn't have 10 assists last game... so hes looking for redemption!!
Pacers +6.5 Two pretty equal teams. I know its in Chicago, but that doesn't yield a whole 6.5 points. I'll take the points with Granger. He's looking goooood.
Trail Blazers -1 Oden is starting to get used to things down low. They just need a win to go along with it. Look for them to get back on track with a road win tonight against the T-Wolves.
Thunder +10.5 Take the points here. Thunder have been keeps games close.

NBA Record -> 7-8-1

Pens -155 I'm still on the Pens bandwagon from that comeback win in Detroit. Plus Miller has been off lately.
B's @ Rangers Under 5.5 Both goalies have played absurd this season and the B's defense has been great. B's scratch out a 2-1 win.
Habs -175 Habs @ home against a mediocre Flyers team. Habs win 5-3.
Predators @ Kings Struggling goalies. 5-4 SO win for some team.

NHL Record -> 14-9

First NCAA College Basketball Pick.
UNC -33 & Over 157 UNC Plays UPenn. They are looking to make a statement andd they are easily the best looking team in College Basketball right now. I CANT WAIT FOR THIS SEASON!!!!!

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