Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thirsty Thursssssday Pick's.

Last night was my NBA redemption. I liked them so much that I banked on a 3-team parlay with them. YEAHHH baby... Granted I probably will lose 5 straight games now.
Nuggets @ Cavs Under 199 Total has gone under every game since AI left and Billups has been in the offense-- or should I say defense? They won't be able to contain Lebron, but they might cause him to miss a couple.

NBA Record -> 7-7-1

Pens -160 Hot Penguins. Oxymoron? I think not.
Red Wings @ Lightning Over 5.5 I've lost all faith Barry. Goals will be going everywhere here tonight. Smith is good, but your defense sucks!
Kings @ Stars Over 5.5 It was an instinct pick. I don't know.
Flames @ Sharks Under 5.5 Kipps / Nabokov? Come on. Cake walk kids! 2-1 upset win by the Flames!

NHL Record -> 12-7

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