Tuesday, November 4, 2008

How are people suprised Obama is about to win? ha

this election was over mid-summer... lets all go crazy that obama won... no people... hes been predicted the winner of this election since like june... obama will win 338 to 200. yes a landslide. not suprised at all, just have a couple comments on a few of these exit polls ive been seeing results from, they are fucking hilarious.

its funny people picked obama when making a decision based on the current state of the economy... people arent educated enough, they made thier decision based on selfishness, they rather lean on the US govt and its programs to hold them up that obama marketed... rather than letting the us work itself out of its own economic problems, rather we'll force ourselves out of it... god forbid we pay for being arrogant americans and digging ourselves into debt and defaulting on our mortagages, lets use the govt to hold us up and save us, the exact reason it was NOT established for.

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