Wednesday, November 12, 2008

How good are the Lakers!?!?

Will anyone be able to stop this team? The Lakes were down most of this game, as much as 12 points halfway through the 3rd quarter. The best part about that? I was never worried they wouldn't win the game. Once again the Lakers went into the 4th quarter down. They outscored the Mavs 30-20 and kept up their 4th quarter dominance this season. Perhaps the best thing about this Lakers team is depth. It's scary. Luke Walton who averaged over 11 points two seasons ago isn't even averaging 4 minutes a game. This is perfect for players like Ariza, Farmar and Bynum who aren't pressured into performing like most young studs in the NBA. Could the mishaps of Derek Fisher make way for Farmar to start anytime soon? Fisher was 1-8 last night, but still only turned the ball over once in 28 minutes. Both guards had 3 assists and 1 turnover, so look for this situation to develop as the season goes on. Not enough can be said to the start Trevor Ariza is having this season, he is averaging over 10 points and 5 rebounds a game and shooting 51% from the field. Oh, I forgot to mention, he's averaging only 22 minutes a game. Odum is putting up very similar numbers, but is averaging about 27 minutes a game, so where does that put him? Radmonavic has been himself, but is seeing his minutes cut as the bench is showing him up. Look for this internal battle for playing time to make this team even better. Lakers go up against Chirs Paul tonight, I mean the Hornets. Hornets just don't have the depth to keep up with this Lakers team. They should stomp all over them.

Picks coming later today. Yes I'm betting on the Lakers again.

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