Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Islanders can't do anything right Tuesday Picks


Pens @ Wings Over 5.5 Both teams want this bad and both goalies have been playing mediocre. Should be a high scoring affair. 5-3 Detroit.
Flames -145 Kipps is coming off a bad start. He won't allow much in tonight, hes pissed.
Stars -115 Old School Modano and Turco are playing stellar. Wheres Doughty?

Hot NHL Record -> 9-3


Bulls -4.5 Derrick Rose can straight up play. The loss of Hinrich doesn't hurt the bulls as much as they think. They showed up a very talented Suns team and shouldn't have a problem tonight against a team without Joe Johnson.
Lakers -6 Something seems fishy here. Lakers only 6 point favorites? I guess I am biased, but I honestly don't think Kobe and the crew will have a hard time tonight against Cubans Mav's.
Knicks @ Spurs Over 198 Both teams struggle at defense, so this should be a high scoring affair.

Not so Hot NBA Record -> 3-5-1

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